Health and Safety


In an emergency , dialing 000 is the best way to contact ambulance, police or fire services. 

In other than an emergency situation, the services should be contacted through normal channels.


Wallaroo Hospital is located on Ernest Terrace.  

Phone (08) 8823 0200

Routine medical consultations are most commonly handled by Kadina Medical Associates, a practice located at 77-79 Port Rd, Kadina. (Kadina is just 7Kms from Wallaroo) There is a chemist in the same building as the practice.
Phone (08) 8821 3133 

Doctors from this practice consult both in Kadina, and at the Wallaroo Hospital. A timetable of the consultation times for both locations is available on their website. Additionally there is another medical practice in Wallaroo with two doctors in attendance.  The doctors are Dr D James and Dr M Wee. The address is 31 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo. 

Phone (08) 8823 2002

Newbery Chemist is located at 45 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo.

Phone (08) 8823 2524


Police coverage of both Wallaroo and Kadina is covered by the Kadina station. Details are:

Kadina Police station
58 Graves Street
Kadina SA 5554

Phone (08) 8828 1100

Fire Services

For general business other than emergencies, the phone number is (08) 8823 2890

Veterinary Emergencies

Seaside Vet Wallaroo

24 John Terrace, Wallaroo 

Phone (08) 8823 3233

Wallaroo Directory


President: Andy West  |  Secretary: Fiona Karamanlidis  |  Webmaster: Fiona Karamanlidis

Since this is a volunteer organisation, one or more may not be available at any given time, but this maximises the chance of a prompt response. If you will add a subject and address it to whoever you prefer to contact, it will improve the chance of the correct person responding.