Where to Stay



Wallaroo Marina Apartments (08) 8823 4068

11 Heritage Drive, Wallaroo

Visit the Wallaroo Marina Apartments Website for more information.


Anglers Inn Hotel Motel (08) 8823 2545

 9-11 Bagot Street, Wallaroo

Visit the Anglers Inn Hotel/Motel Website for more information.


Copper Coast Hotel (08) 8823 3457
49 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo

Visit the Copper Coast Hotel Website for more information.


Weeroona Hotel (08) 8823 2008

6 John Terrace, Wallaroo
Visit the Publocation Website to find out more about the Weeroona Hotel.


Mac's Beachfront Villas (08) 8823 2137

 7-9 Jetty Road, Wallaroo
Visit The Macs Website for more information.


Wallaroo Holiday Park (08) 8823 2531
 Pamir Court, Wallaroo
Visit the Wallaroo Holiday Park Website for more information.


Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park (08) 8823 2722
11 Jetty Road, Wallaroo
Visit the Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park Website for more information.


Sonbern Lodge (08) 8823 3355
18 John Terrace, Wallaroo
Visit the Sonbern Lodge Website for more information.


CU@Wallaroo & CU2@Wallaroo 0421 388 429
Group Accommodation
8-10 John Terrace & 13 Owen Terrace
Visit the CU@Wallaroo Website for more information.


The Smelters Heritage Accommodation 0437 724 473
1a Heritage Drive, Wallaroo
Visit The Smelters Heritage Accommodation Website for more information.


Tarnasey Farm Stay 0432 268 004

205 Ellis Road, Wallaroo

Visit the Tarnasey Farm Website for more information.


Escape Copper Coast Holiday Rentals (08) 8823 3861

28 Hughes Street, Wallaroo

Visit the Escape Holiday Rentals Website for more information.


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