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Wallaroo will feature as a first-time port in South Australia during the 2019/20 cruise season.

The Wallaroo visits by Vasco Da Gama through Cruise & Maritime Voyages Australia (CMV) will be on:

  • Saturday 7th December 2019 – cruise ship arrival in Wallaroo (Weekend Coastal Escape); arriving 8am & departing 8pm
  • Wednesday 18th December 2019 – cruise ship arrival in Wallaroo (South Australian Icons); arriving 8am & departing 10pm
  • Friday 3rd January 2020 – cruise ship arrival in Wallaroo (South Australian Icons); arriving 8am & departing 7.30pm


You can also read the Cruise Ship Updates section on the Yorke Peninsula Tourism Website for further information about the progress:

Cruise Ship Update - February 2019


Get involved

What to be involved with the 2019/20 cruise ship season in Wallaroo?  

Any businesses, community groups or individuals wishing to become involved with the cruise ship visits to Wallaroo during the 2019/20 cruise season should contact Yorke Peninsula Tourism to register their interest.  Alternatively, you can complete an Expression of Interest form online.

For any operators wanting to be involved, use the South Australian Tourism Commission's Cruise Ready Checklist to see if you are ready to be involved in cruise ship visits.

The South Australian Tourism Commission has released a Cruise Ship Strategy 2020; which highlights the cruise industry and trends, along with opportunities for tourism growth.

Complete the Cruise Ship EOI form, or you can contact Intercruises Shoreside and Port Services on 02 9550 0047 to register your interest.



There are many volunteering opportunities for individuals & community groups to be involved with the cruise ship visits, and the Cruise Ship Welcome Program.

Complete the expression of interest form if you want to find out more about being a volunteer.


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