our sunsets are special  

Well, looking at the photos, I think you must admit that they are a bit special. Certain places have the reputation, and people travel huge distances to see them. Broome, and Key West (Florida) come to mind. 

Just having the sun set in front of you is not what makes a "sunset." For it to be special, you need something to enhance the setting sun. Cloud!

Not enough to block out the sun, but just enough to catch the colours and reflect them.

Wallaroo does this so well. As the day cools, just enough cloud forms over Wallaroo Bay, often in more than one layer. If you have more than one layer, you have more than one display, as the setting sun lights each cloud layer in turn, you get a spectacular display, moving on to the next layer as the sun sinks further.

For the earlybirds you won't want to miss our spectacular sunrises as well!

You have to see it for yourself!

Wallaroo Attractions


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