Golf and Bowls

Wallaroo Community Sports Club complex offers bowling, croquet and golf to visitors and members.

They are open most days from around 10 to 5 except Sundays.

The Club has a dinner night on the first Friday of the month.

We are open to the general public and people can hire and play bowls.

It cost $20.00 a year to be a social member which gives you members prices on beer and wine and spirits.

Membership of the Community Sports Club is also available to the general public.

For more information please visit:

The bowling "greens"

Golf Course

Golf Course

Wallaroo Attractions


President: Andy West  |  Secretary: Fiona Karamanlidis  |  Webmaster: Fiona Karamanlidis

Since this is a volunteer organisation, one or more may not be available at any given time, but this maximises the chance of a prompt response. If you will add a subject and address it to whoever you prefer to contact, it will improve the chance of the correct person responding.