Fishing, Crabbing, and Squidding

Wallaroo is well known for its excellent fishing. The much sought after King George Whiting are frequently caught here, particularly in winter. There are also yellowtail whiting, garfish, tommy ruffs, mullet, salmon, snook, and occasionally flathead. Bream can also be caught, mainly within the marina. 

Among the bigger fish are snapper and mulloway. Yellowtail Kingfish also make their appearance from time to time, although they move on quickly from place to place. You have to be in the right spot at the right time, but if you are, they provide, kilo for kilo, the biggest fighting challenge you will experience.

Squid (calamari) are plentiful in the area, as are blue swimmer crabs when in season (September through April). In fact, Wallaroo is probably just about the best place in the country for blue swimmer crabs!  Very occasionally, cuttlefish may be caught. Spencer Gulf dolphins have found an interesting way to prepare them!


The favourite locations for fishing are as follows:

The Jetty

Jetty fishing is always popular at Wallaroo, particularly as it is convenient and free. It also accounts for good catches when the conditions are suitable, including large fish such as snapper. Judging by the number of ink stains, the jetty must also be a good place to catch squid. When a ship is in the port, or expected, the outer part of the jetty will be closed off. However, there is more than enough room to accommodate fishing needs in the remaining length. When the port is expected to be empty for some time, the entire length of the jetty may be available to the public, and it is a  very long jetty. 

The Marina

Another popular place for fishing is within the marina, particularly on windy days when it offers more shelter than the jetty. Each major waterway branch has a nature reserve block on it which allows the public access to the water. You can pick the reserves, as they have substantial plantings of native trees on them.

Main species caught in the marina are yellowfin whiting, bream, mullet, and crabs. Occasionally, itinerant snapper, mulloway and kingfish can be caught.

Boat Fishing

Boat fishers are well catered for, with a four lane launch ramp within the marina breakwaters, and easy access to the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf. There is a modest launch fee, but it also covers use of a provided wash bay for when you have retrieved your boat, and waste bins for the use of boaties. To pay your launch fee, use the machine under the light in the boat trailer parking area to buy a launch ticket. If you are a frequent user, you can buy a season ticket from the Copper Coast Council in Kadina. The launch ramp is sheltered within the marina breakwaters, and is still useable in very windy conditions. Access to Spencer Gulf is easy from the launching place. Be aware that there are two speed requirements within the marina. 4 Knots and no wake. In other words, if you are leaving a wake at 4 knots, then you need to slow down further, until you are no longer leaving a wake.

The Right Forecasts

Be prepared with accurate forecasts! Click this menu bar for access to Wallaroo tidal forecasts, Coastal waters forecasts, and General Weather forecasts. If you have a printer attached to your computer, they can be printed.

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Fishing Charters

Of course, once you have launched your boat, you need to know where to go to catch fish, and fishing people are notoriously secretive about where the good spots are. It can take you a while to discover them for yourself. One way to get around this is to book aboard a fishing charter, where the skipper will know the good spots in the prevailing conditions, and you will have a better chance of making a good catch. There are a number of fishing charters operating out of Wallaroo. They vary from half day to full day and even multi-day trips in larger boats, sometimes visiting several locations around the Gulf.

Angling Clubs

Another way of fishing in company with like minded people is through an angling club, and there is such a club in Wallaroo. The Copper Coast Angling Club is a family orientated fishing club catering for all ages, from the very young to the veterans. There are different sections covering juniors sixteen years and under, Ladies, Veterans and Mens. Outings are held regularly for members to attend, relax and enjoy a fun day out with the family and other club members. They fish beaches, rocks and jetties and occassionaly hold offshore outings. Throughout the year they hold freshwater and saltwater outings. They hold local trips, and travel to different areas within the State of South Australia . Contact the president on 0488 222 593 for details.

Blue Swimmer Crab

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