Cruising Spencer Gulf

The pleasures of cruising Spencer Gulf by private boat are well known to those who have been lucky enough to experience them, and there are a number of enthusiasts based in Wallaroo, who regularly engage in cruises both up and down the gulf. In this respect, Wallaroo is well located, being roughly half way up the gulf. Those who have suitable boats and have not experienced the pleasures of cruising can establish contact with like minded people through the Wallaroo Sailing Club. For those new to cruising, it is generally best to cruise in the company of others.

To those who start their cruise of Spencer Gulf from other locations, may we point out that Wallaroo is an ideal spot to break their cruise. The Copper Cove Marina has berths available with power and water supplied, and is an ideal place to take a mid-cruise break, replenish supplies, perhaps eat ashore, or visit friends. 

If you are still wondering what it is all about, this visual sample gives just a taste of what is out there for boat cruisers.

Also you get a glimpse of some of the wildlife which is present around the Gulf, the seals, dolphins, birds and fish.

The video can be played in full screen mode if desired, by clicking on the four arrow icon at the lower right of the YouTube screen.


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