Beaches and Swimming in Wallaroo

Great Beaches

Wallaroo is known for its great beaches. There are three of them, Office Beach, which is next to the Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park, Sailing Club Beach and North Beach, which is right next to the Wallaroo Holiday Park.

North Beach is huge! You will always have plenty of room here, even on the busiest holidays. It extends 2.3km long, the entire distance from the marina breakwater to the North Beach Township. The beach slopes very gradually, so it is ideal for young children. They won't suddenly find themselves in deeper water than they can handle. The semi protected gulf waters keep the wave size down, and there are no rips under normal circumstances. North Beach is one of the few South Australian beaches that you can drive on! There is  a speed limit of 30km/hr which is policed.  You can park your car right next to whichever spot on the beach you choose, so you don't have to carry anything very far. But do consider  the incoming tide when you park your car - people have been known to leave their cars temporarily, only to return and find them surrounded by water. 

For access to North Beach, Leave Wallaroo on the Alford Road, turn left into Pommern Way, and at the end, turn right. You will be able to see North Beach from there. Don't worry about where to park, just drive straight on to the beach and park where you want to settle. The sand is very firm and compacted, so you shouldn't experience any trouble driving on it. If you turn right when you enter the beach, you will be heading towards the township of North Beach. If you follow the "road" in that direction, when you get up that far, you will be able to leave the beach itself and turn right into the township and get back onto the bitumen there.

Office Beach is conveniently located next to Wallaroo Beachfront Tourist Park. Caffe Mia, The Boatshed and the town centre are all within walking distance.  It is a  safe beach for young children. Shade sails have been erected.

Whichever venue you choose, you will have access to the pristine waters of Spencer Gulf, crystal clear, with that beautiful aqua colour which characterises Wallaroo waters.

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