About Wallaroo Community Development Association

Objectives of the Association


  1. To provide a forum for the representation of businesses, organisations and community members in and around Wallaroo.
  2. To develop policies and initiate community projects which improve and promote the economy, business development, employment, volunteering opportunities and community pride in and around the township of Wallaroo.
  3. To address issues relating to the preservation and promotion of the heritage and cultural features of the area.
  4. To inform and involve members of the local community on matters relating to the economic, social and cultural issues of the area.
  5. To develop and maintain close links with organisations who may be associated, and assist with the development of the area.


     This website is produced and operated by the Wallaroo Community Development Association.



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President: Andy West  |  Secretary: Fiona Karamanlidis  |  Webmaster: Fiona Karamanlidis

Since this is a volunteer organisation, one or more may not be available at any given time, but this maximises the chance of a prompt response. If you will add a subject and address it to whoever you prefer to contact, it will improve the chance of the correct person responding.