A guide to everything you need to know about Wallaroo.

As a visitor, tourist, holidaymaker, or potential resident, find out what is available to you in the historical seaside town of Wallaroo. So much going for it! So much to do!


Why Visit Wallaroo?

What's Happening in the Wallaroo Community?

The purpose of this website is to provide a single source of all the information which may be required by a visitor, tourist, holidaymaker, or potential resident, in deciding whether to visit Wallaroo. It may also  prove useful to existing residents in reminding them of what is available to them.

Wallaroo is an historic seaside town on Wallaroo Bay on the East coast of Spencer Gulf, Yorke Peninsula. An easy 90 minute drive from the outskirts of Adelaide. 

Known to many as South Australia's most popular seaside resort, Wallaroo also has a long history, as it was once the second busiest port in South Australia, due mainly to its mining and smelting activities. Many of the historic buildings of that time are still preserved.

The population increases enormously at holiday times and, there is plenty of accommodation to suit all tastes and incomes, ranging from cheap accommodation, throught caravan parks to luxury apartments and holiday rental properties.

Modern shopping facilities, cafes, restaurants and hotels cater for all your holiday needs!

People come for the boating, fishing, beaches, walks, and all the things that make  a seaside resort, but also the history and association with the past. And don't forget the famous Wallaroo sunsets!  



A Snapshot of Wallaroo

This has been played on commercial TV from time to time, so that we can share our town's attractions and draw them to the attention of more potential visitors.

Just in case you haven't seen it, we reproduce it on our website for your enjoyment.

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